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Acronis Cloud Backup

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Acronis Cyber Cloud

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Get rid of on-premises backup complexity with Acronis Cyber Backup installed in the Acronis Cloud, making your infrastructure resilient and saving money. Acronis Cyber Backup as a Service leverages a full range of data protection capabilities including easy management of large environments, any-to-any recovery, cloud storage, cloud DR, and cloud-to-cloud backup for O365 and G Suite via a single, touch-friendly management console.

Acronis Backup Cloud Standard – VM (Per Device)

Keep your business running in any disaster by proactively preventing downtime or immediately, reliably, restoring any piece of data. Keep growing, do more, and spend less. Get unlimited scalability, protect any future workload, and leverage any storage and/or cloud. With Acronis Cyber Backup, you can keep your costs low and productivity high.

Acronis Backup Cloud Standard – Office-365 (Per seat)

Control your Microsoft Office 365data by ensuring compliance, quick access to backed up data, and greatly improved RTO. With Acronis Cyber Backup it is possible to back up data from Microsoft data centers directly to secure Acronis cloud data centers ensuring quick start with no upfront costs.